Chicken Taco

chicken taco

Need an idea for using ground chicken? Making a chicken taco is a fast and family friendly way to do it.  My favorite way to cook ground chicken is with the Spiceé Gourmet Memphis Dry Rub. I don’t usually think of using a rub or any BBQ seasoning for this usually, but this one is an awesome spice blend to flavor ground chicken.

Cooking well doesn’t have to mean cooking gourmet food. It can also be making every day dishes really well.  There certainly isn’t any secret to browning chicken and making a taco. But making an every day meal great can be a great achievement the whole family will love.

To get the step by step directions for this recipe, please go to Spiceé Gourmet’s recipe blog here. 

Make sure you check out the entire line of Spiceé Gourmet products too!

Want to know what it really looks like to be a food blogger? Don’t think the rest of the kitchen is really as neat as the pictures show. Here are couple of funny behind-the-scenes pictures of what it is really like. Notice the bottle of wine and bucket of crayons that are right next to the plate.

behind the scenes at dan330

And, it is the middle of winter in Minnesota. You can see the stockings hanging by the fireplace and the artificial lights we need because it gets dark at 3:45.


But, it all comes out alright. We get a great meal, a glass of wine, and then take a few shots under the lights to get this:




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