A Vintage Affair: Your Guide to Making a Stunning Patchwork Quilt

A Vintage Affair: Your Guide to Making a Stunning Patchwork Quilt

Everyone is coveting the vintage craze. But, the home decor pieces in the shops can be expensive. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve a vintage looking bedroom. On the contrary, there are some easy ways to transform your bedroom into a retro space. Adding a patchwork quilt is a great way of achieving this look. What’s more, you can do this yourself as a fun home project.

When it comes to the art of patchwork, there is nothing to it. Even if you are something of a sewing novice, you can have a gorgeous patchwork quilt in your bedroom. What’s more, it can turn your bedroom into a place of vintage wonder.

Let’s get started.

Your Important DIY Kit

A sewing machine (check out this Singer 7258 review)

Tape measure






Backing fabric


Finding Your Fabric

You don’t have to spend a fortune on material. You can obtain cheap fabrics online. But, you can also use old clothes to make a gorgeous quilt. You don’t have to spend an enormous chunk of cash. Do be sure to find fabrics that you love to make your quilt even more special.

Think about the colours of your room. You may want something that blends in. But, you may want something that stands out. Our personal favourite is red and white. Add striped patterns, spots and florals for a sweet, old-time look.

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Determine the Size of the Quilt

A single quilt is 135cm x 200 cm. A double is 200cm x 200cm. So, think about what size you want. Make sure that you have enough fabric to complete your quilt. Typically, for a double spread, you would need patches of 40cm x 40cm. You would have to arrange this in a 5×5 pattern for a cohesive look.


Cut around the patch using a ruler. Make sure that you allow for the seams. Do make sure that the seams are straight and cut perfectly. After all, you want your quilt to be beautiful.


Make sure that your fabrics are of the same thickness. This ensures a cohesive look. But, it also makes practical sense when you are washing the quilt. Do be sure to iron the material first.

Play Around With Styles

Make sure that you arrange the patches in different ways. Find a pattern that you like. Then, pin together the rows using the seams. Make sure that you sew the patches together. But, iron downs the seams once you have finished sewing.

Backing Fabric

Make sure that you set your backing fabric to the back of the quilt. This ensures that the thickness is apparent. Opt for a light shade if you are using light materials. Make a sleeping bag style quilt and sew three seams tight.


Now is the time to add the wadding. Do be sure to stitch up the gap by hand.

The Finished Piece!

Now, your patchwork quilt is complete. All you need to do now is shake the quilt and ensure an even distribution of wadding.

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