A Luxury Honeymoon in Mauritius

A Luxury Honeymoon in Mauritius

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Natesh Ramasamy

Organizing your honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. Once your big day has passed, it gives you something incredible to look forward to. A popular destination with newlyweds is Mauritius. Located in the Indian Ocean, the island nation is adored for its sub-tropical climate, flawless beaches, and friendly locals. It has been described by many as an oasis and a paradise. The island will give you and your other half with a truly luxurious way to celebrate your recent marriage.


Mauritius is easily accessible from most locations by plane, although you may need to stop over on the way, depending on where you are leaving from. If you want to kick off your honeymoon in style, you may wish to consider private jet charters that can transport you directly to your destination. With a private jet, you will experience comfortable and luxurious travel and you and your partner will arrive feeling pampered and refreshed.


There are many luxury accommodation options in Mauritius. Choose from traditional hotels inland to large resorts or private bungalows on the beach. Many of these accommodation options cater specifically for honeymooners, so do check out the luxury services they can offer you. Many of the hotels will also provide spa facilities that will add even more relaxation and luxury to your honeymoon.


The island of Mauritius is certainly not short of interesting and romantic things to do. From taking a long, walk along the beach at sunset to sipping on a cocktail next to the pool, romantics will feel at home. For the more adventurous honeymooners, there are a number of activities you could try such as fishing or scuba diving or skydiving. Give tropical mountain trekking  a go, it may require some effort, but it will be well worth it for the breathtaking views of the island. Mauritius is also sprinkled with a number of exotic lagoons that are well worth a visit for their beauty and vibrant colors. If you are your partner are keen golfers, you will be pleased to hear that the island has a world-class course, which comes with world-class views.

Food and drink

The food and drink in Mauritius is exotic, diverse and ever so fresh. Mauritius is a melting pot  of different languages and cultures including Indian, African, French and Chinese. The variety of food and drink available reflects this mélange of traditions. While you are there, you must visit the high quality Le Château de Bel Ombre restaurant. This establishment is ideal for a romantic candle lit dinner where you will both enjoy fusion food as well as authentic dishes. The street food in Mauritius is also incredible and well worth sampling. Ensure you are your partner taste the fresh seafood and curries while you get and explore the island.

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Congratulations in advance of your upcoming nuptials and enjoy your luxury honeymoon, wherever it may be.

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