Spring Home Maintenance Projects That Will Save You Money

Spring Home Maintenance Projects That Will Save You Money

Winter, thank God, is now drawing to a close. Who doesn’t want to see new life budding and the feel of the crisp, pleasant sun on their skin? But, spring presents a whole host of new challenges for homeowners. Money saving home maintenance projects are a must. This ensures that your home is fit for purpose all year round. What’s more, after the harsh winter seasons, it’s a must that our homes have that much needed love and TLC.

Some home projects are essentially ‘warm weather’ tasks. They are certainly not suited to cold weather and extremities. So, now spring is just around the corner, there are some simple home projects that you must undertake.

Clean the Back of the Fridge

Cleaning out the fridge is a must! But, you also need to ensure that you are cleaning and maintaining the back of the refrigerator too. Ensure that you are removing dust and debris from the coils. Use the attachment on your Dyson DC40 to gently remove the fluff without damaging the coils. If you don’t clean the coils on the fridge, you will find that the system has to work harder to produce a cooling effect. So, cleaning the back of the fridge results in your system becoming more efficient and cheaper to run.

Servicing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Units

During the spring, the weather can be a little iffy. One minute the AC is on, the next minute you have the fire on. But, it’s important to remember that these will need their 6-monthly service between uses. Of course, your AC may not have been touched by the end of summer. So, make sure that you get it serviced to remedy any problems. Costly repaints can be spotted easier and will be less expensive when they are being patched up rather than replaced.

Check Your Roof

The roof takes something of a beating during the winter. Hail, snow, rain and frost can all impact on the usefulness of your roof. So, repair the minor manage. Add bitumen paint or replace weather-beaten tiles. That way, you won’t have to suffer the onset of damp in your home when spring comes round.

Cleaning Out the Gutters

Winter has saw fit to leave leaves, gunk and moss in your gutters. The onset of April showers can be costly to your property if you don’t get this issue fixed. So, make sure that you are getting rid of water and allowing it to have a smooth flow. This means that your foundations will remain intact too.



It’s Time to Re-Caulk

Caulking is important. The cold elements of winter will see fit to shrinking and cracking caulk. So, fixing this problem is important. This ensures that pests and critters do not take up lodgings in your home. But, it also means that your home is trapping in hot air thus saving money on your energy bills.

There are some simple home projects that you can undertake this spring. After all, we all deserve to have a lovely home.

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