4 Super Simple Secrets to Creating the Perfect Laundry System

4 Super Simple Secrets to Creating the Perfect Laundry System

As the laundry builds in the corner, you might think that it will never get done. Whether you have one room with the washing machine and dryer or you need to transfer the clothes all over the house in order to get them washed and dried, there are some simple tricks for a laundry system.

Shelf Space

Add a shelf right beside your washer and dryer. This shelf should include everything that you will need to wash and dry your clothes. Store fabric softener, dryer sheets and all of the other extras that you will need as well as laundry detergent. If you use coupons to increase your supply, then this can be where you store your extra items. Companies like Atlas Appliances Ltd often have some kind of storage shelf or system that you can install in the home.

Plan Ahead

Before you tackle the mountain of clothes that you have, make a plan so that you aren’t searching for the elusive white shirt that needs bleached. Separate the white clothes from the dark clothes. Designate days for washing the children’s clothes separate from the adult’s clothes. This will make it easier for everyone to sort their belongings after they are taken from the dryer. You should also wash the towels, washcloths and sheets together so that you don’t get lint on the clothing.

Folding Habit

If you have a favorite television show, then wait until it comes on to keep a pile of clothes on the floor, bed or couch to fold. When you have something to look forward to while you do laundry, then you will often find that it gets done faster because you have two things to keep you occupied. Leave a few of the small items, like the washcloths and socks, for younger children to fold so that they can get accustomed to helping out.

Make It a Game

Gather everyone together on a Saturday to do the laundry, making it a game. You can have a scavenger hunt where everyone brings you white clothes or dark clothes. Assign a task to everyone, like pouring the fabric softener or adding a dryer sheet after the clothes are washed, and after everyone is done, enjoy a special treat. Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be something fun that you look forward to doing if you make it seem like a game.

Unless you plan on buying new clothes very week, you will need to wash clothes. Create a plan that you will stick to, and take the time to do parts of the laundry when you are already in one place so that you can concentrate on the task at hand. Make sorting, washing and drying an adventure so that everyone wants to get involved.

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