Five Surprising Ways You Are Leaving Your Home Vulnerable to Theft

Five Surprising Ways You Are Leaving Your Home Vulnerable to Theft

Most homeowners want to do everything they can to protect their home from theft. Naturally, they want to feel at ease about the security of their family members as well as their possessions. Take a look at five surprising ways that you may be leaving your home vulnerable to theft. They may just shock you.

1. Inadequate Lighting

Most thieves target homes with very little lighting around the entrances. They want to be able to move around a piece of property without being seen by the homeowner or neighbors. Homeowners who have inadequate lighting around the front door or front walkway are making their home vulnerable to thieves. A well-lit doorway and lights that illuminate the front walk are two features that can discourage thieves from robbing a home.

2. Is Your Extra Door Key Hidden?

Some homeowners hide an extra key to their home near the front door so they can get inside if they lose their key or get locked out. This is a convenience for a homeowner. Unfortunately, it can also be convenient for a thief. There are many homeowners who hide their extra door key in an obvious place. They may put it under the welcome mat, on the door frame above the door or beneath a planter on the front stoop. An experienced thief will know to check all of these places and others for an extra key to the home. Or, a thief may observe the homeowner’s activities for a while to see if he or she uses an extra key. As an alternative, a homeowner may want to leave an extra key with a neighbor or find a unique hiding place for it somewhere else on the property.

3. Leaving the Garage Unlocked

Most responsible homeowners concentrate on making sure their home is locked up before they leave. But, some homeowners forget about the garage. A garage can house many valuable items such as tools, furniture and appliances. The automatic door on a garage can’t be opened without a remote, but a thief may try to enter through a side door or window. It’s important to lock the side door of a garage and secure its windows. It’s convenient to leave the side door of a garage open all the time, but it can make a homeowner vulnerable to theft.

4. Forgetting about the Patio Door

Barbecuing and getting together with friends on the back porch of a home are fun activities in the warm weather months. But, sometimes homeowners forget that a thief can easily enter a home through an unlocked screen door on a patio. Most patio screen doors have a locking mechanism which should be activated whenever the patio is not being used. Also, the glass patio door should remain locked to discourage thieves.

5. Leaving the Doggy Door Unattended

Installing a doggy door is a convenient way for a homeowner to allow his or her dog access to the home or the garage. But, it’s also another way that a thief can get in. A thief can easily reach through a doggy door to unlock the main door and enter a home or garage. It’s a good idea to install a lock on a doggy door so that it can’t be opened when the family isn’t at home.

Finally, after taking all of these precautions an owner can go a step further to protect his or her home by considering NorthStar Alarm Reviews. This can contribute to the peace of mind homeowners have about the security of their family and property.

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