A super fast and easy way to start seed (1/3 time, 3 times success)

A super fast and easy way to start seed (1/3 time, 3 times success)


Here’s a very easy, fast and great way to start seeds, a tried and true method that reduces the time of seed germination by 70%, and hugely improves the success rate!

Another benefit is that it can test seeds from previous years, and you will know if they are still good seeds before planting and waiting for them to come up.

This technique requires just a little work, and very simple supplies- a container with a lid, and some paper towel is all you will need. If the seeds are really fresh, some will germinate in as little as 1 day! For example, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce will send out root in just 1 day, while tomato, beets, onions and squash will take about 3 days.

Check out more details of how and when to use this method, plus some great tips on how to grow these seedlings strong and healthy!


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