The Ultimate DIY Challenge: Build Your Own Home

The Ultimate DIY Challenge: Build Your Own Home

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Building a home from scratch is a dream for many. You get to design and create the exact house you want. It’s a serious feat of accomplishment, and if you’re thinking about it, we applaud you! It will be a test of emotion, nerves and logic. But, when it’s all finished, it will be worth the hard work. There is also a financial aspect to building your own home. It often works out significantly cheaper than buying a property of the same nature. With that in mind, today we’re going to look at how to get started. Many self builders spend years planning before they get going. Take as long as you need, but don’t dive in too quickly. Here’s everything you need to know.

Plan, plan, plan!

Building your own home is not something you should take on lightly. The build itself could take up to two years to complete. You need to consider whether that’s something your family can take. It’s also important to take the time to plan the house itself. How many bedrooms do you need, will you build any eco-friendly technologies into it? Most importantly, where will you build and which plot of land is most suitable.

Speak to an architect

Of course, you can draw out the initial sketches. That will help you get an idea of how big the house will be and how it will function. You can alter the flow of the home and plan the windows and doors. But, when it comes to building, you need a real architect to look over the plans. They’ll make changes based on practical building regulations and considerations. They’ll also be able to help cost up the initial plans so you can start to budget.

The budget

Here’s the big one. The budget is the single most important thing on your self build. It’s very common for projects to run over budget and it can cripple your personal finances. First of all, work with your architect to create a rough budget of costs. We advise adding an extra 10-20% on to this to cover emergencies or delays. If you don’t immediately have the cash handy, speak to a mortgage broker about self-build mortgages.

How much will you do yourself?

For some, the appeal of self-building is the thrill of getting stuck in with the work. You may want to help with the brick laying. Perhaps you’re willing to get onto the roof and lay tiles. For the adventurous, you could even project manage the entire build yourself. Do your research beforehand and make sure you’re up to the job. Taking on jobs yourself could save you money. But, remember, if you do, account for your loss of earnings while you’re overseeing the build.

The easier route

There is always an easier way, and we’ll let you in on a secret. There are companies out there that offer custom home building and designing. You’ll still get to create the home you want, but it will arrive as a kit home. It’s quick, efficient and you’ll still get the house of your dreams.

Building your home is no easy task. But, the sense of accomplishment that comes with it is like no other. If you think you’ve got what it takes, follow these tips, and get stuck in!

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