3 Tips for Getting your Garden Started

3 Tips for Getting your Garden Started


I am glad I found this article because I am that guy who filled the bottom of a container or pot with rocks for drainage and then added smaller gravel. You know where this is going. By the time I had my larger pots planted it took a crew to move them. This post gives easy steps for this simple solution to the weight problem. For the original post and directions click HERE.


This trick has been around a while. It makes a lot of sense. You see the professionals doing this all the time. Check out how they plant at the mall. For the original post click HERE.


This is so clever. We all know how much water a diaper holds. Just pick up a toddler in the morning before being changed and you will find out. It is hot and windy in the summer where we live and our hanging baskets dry out quickly. For the original post click HERE.

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