Color Gallery Acrylic Paint

Color Gallery Acrylic paint

I grew up in a very artistic household. Maybe that is why I eventually came into blogging. I was given the opportunity to review Color Gallery Acrylic Paint. They sent me the product for free, and this is what I thought.

Color Gallery sells their paints on their own website and on It is a very reasonable price for the product. The quality of the paint was good. I tested it on some plain printing paper, which for anyone who paints, knows will be some of the toughest paper to paint on.

Anyway, it was easy to order the product and it came just a few days later. The packaging is perfect for daily storage, which is a definite plus. One of my daughters is an artist, and I tell you that stuff fills up a kids room faster than you can believe. Here’s a picture of the box:

IMG_3580web IMG_3581web

Inside, the 12 colors are clearly marked on the tubes and the caps were easy to open. I squeezed just a small drop of a few paints onto a paint tray.


Finally, I grabbed one of my daughters paint brushes. The Color Gallery Acrylic Paint was a great consistency and was very smooth on the paper. You can see a few pictures of it here. Even after the paint had time to settle and dry, it stayed the same texture, color, and consistency  as when it was first applied to the paper.

IMG_3587web IMG_3589web

Like any good parent, I was also concerned about cleanup. I let the paint tray sit for about an hour before cleaning it up just to see how difficult it would be to clean. Just using the brush and some running water cleaned everything up in just a few scrubs.

I am very happy with the Color Gallery Acrylic Paint. I would definitely use this brand again.

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