Why to Include Outdoor Pergola in Your Garden?

Why to Include Outdoor Pergola in Your Garden?

Picturesque backyard farm garden with small pond and patio area

Pergolas are basically trellis-like structures which can be attached to your house or they can stand free. If these are well constructed, you can always add a useful area to your house yard. But, before building the project, you have to obtain some outdoor pergola ideas in order to make your garden look beautiful.

Pergolas look great when they are structured over patios, large and open courtyards and over your concrete or stone garden paths:

  • You can install sitting arrangements under the pergolas
  • You can arrange for climbers and creepers with flowers that will cling and coil around the pergolas.

Choosing the type of wood for pergolas:

It will always be an excellent idea to use lumber as it can resist rotting. The wood gets exposed to the weather changes all the yearlong. Cypress or redwood is also the best as these are weather resistant lumbers. You can come across treated lumbers. The treated lumbers are not expensive.

Pergola Garden

Using these lumbers, you can make the following outdoor pergola ideas:

  • You can place a pergola just outside your home, like a screen that is enclosed on four sides.
  • Small and inornate pergolas can also contribute to the overall designing of the exterior of your home.
  • You can hang a swing from one of the garden pergolas and include some cozy seating arrangements in that area.

A right pergola at the right place is a wonderful structure which can enhance the feel and the look of your garden in no time. This will also reward you in many years to come. There are various factors which should be considered in order to get your overall outdoor pergola ideas right.

An inappropriate style, type or position can jar the eye, which can upset the general feel of the garden design. So, before you go ahead, a little careful planning is required in order to make your pergola appealing and clearly defined for your garden. Take a look at some of the great outdoor pergola ideas.


A Journey through the Garden

It’s very important for creating an element of surprise in your garden, which leads the eye to one feature to another, whether it’s a plant, statue, border or pond. It will give you the feel of the garden which is an exciting place with a new experience. A pergola is the best way to divide a garden into sections and can also be used with trellising to a greater effect. This kind of pergola is known as a walkway as you walk under it rather than sitting.

Providing a Sunny or a Shady Spot

Pergolas can also be used as a shady retreat. Think of creative outdoor pergola ideas. If you are not capable of doing it, you can always take help from expert professionals. You can use a pergola to sit in the warm evening sunbathing or sunshine. In this case, you have to consider the position of the sun in order to make sure that pergola can be used for a good time during the day. You can also consider pergola shades that are available in the market which can shield you from the sun when required.

Add Height and Interest

A flat garden is restricted to the interest it gives, though height can be achieved through the careful placement of plants and trees. A pergola gives a permanent and solid anchor around that bases the other design features like paths, patios, planting and water features. Moreover, the use of the climbing plants can be of a huge bonus, which adds both fragrance and beauty. Outdoor pergola ideas are very overwhelming and inviting. Your neighbors will be drawn to them whether it’s to walk through or relax on a warm summer’s day.

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