From Drab To Fab: Easy Decor Tips For Any Room

From Drab To Fab: Easy Decor Tips For Any Room

There are no solid rules for changing the decor in your rooms, and each of them will require that special touch that finishes things off perfectly. However, there are some tried and tested principles that – if you stick to them – will allow your creativity and personality to flourish. Here’s some great decorating tips to improve any room…

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Quality Over Quantity

Whether you live in a one-bed apartment or a huge mansion, think quality over quantity. A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. Use your money wisely to invest in a few excellent pieces will help your room breathe – far more than cramming in everything that you can. Anything that is so large that it becomes obvious should be avoided.

Avoid Themes

If you want to stamp your personality on your room, avoid common themes. A good color scheme with several long-term pieces of furniture and a few accessories will keep your room fresh, current, and highly personalized. Change your accessories around with the seasons if you fancy an update.

Hire An Expert

If you have great ideas that you want to turn into reality, think about hiring a professional. A good electrician can help you with lighting, while experienced cabinet makers can turn an alcove into the bookshelf of your dreams. If you need help with planning out your rooms, don’t be afraid of turning to an interior design expert. It will cost you some of your budget but they will help you save in other areas.

Bunch Up Your Artwork

Instead of hanging artwork separately, try creating a cluster. Fix one larger piece above the couch, bed or any other anchor you wish. Then simply surround it with smaller pieces, leaving gaps of two to three inches. It’s a quirky, fun, but still classic look that can really bring out your family’s personality.

Steer Clear Of Walls

Any room where all the furniture is hugging the walls can look overbearing and cramped. If you have the space, try to move a few pieces away from the wall. Got a small room with too much clutter? No problem – check our guide to creating space for some great advice.

Look To Nature

Home and garden stores sell bundles of twigs, but it seems crazy to buy them. Go out and find your own.  Driftwood, twigs, and shells that you can fill bowls with – all these little pieces of nature can be collected, dried and shown off in the home. Once you learn what you like you can even decorate a room for nothing.

Layer Lighting

Any room can be transformed with some cleverly layered lighting. Use a stronger light for your focal point, and then place secondary focal points dotted around the room. Try to highlight artwork on your walls, install low-level lighting on tables or beside the couch, and mix things up so specific areas stand out.

Hopefully you can use these tips to turn any drab space that you are unhappy with into a living space you can be proud of. Any advice to share? Let us know in the comments…

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