Grow In a Blueberry Bush Container.

Did you know that blueberry bushes make great container plants? That’s right, whether you are growing for your apartment, or just to pretty up a deck or patio, blueberries can be a great option for adding color and life to your home. In this post, we added a video about blueberry growing and planting. You can always adapt this to container gardening as well. Then we suggest several blueberry recipes for you to try out with your new blueberry bush container garden.

You can see other great blueberry recipes here, or for more information about blueberries, visit our main blueberry page or learn to grow your own blueberry bushes.

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Grow Your Own Blueberries in a container.


Blueberries are a super fruit. They are sooooo good for you and most varieties are very tasty. We have an awesome blueberry garden and have lots of wild blueberries by our summer home.

Growing your own blueberries is easy. Just read our series Growing Blueberry Bushes and you can learn how to make your own right at your home. Adapt this for a blueberry bush container and you can enjoy this super fruit right on your back deck. After you grow your blueberries you may want to give these recipes a try:


One Minute Video Recipes