5 Easy Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Family Skiing Trip

5 Easy Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Family Skiing Trip

Thinking of taking your family on a skiing trip? Then, you had better get ready for a shock. By the time you have paid out for the chalet, skiing equipment, skiing lessons, lift tickets, meals out, and all the other holiday expenses, your wallet will be just about empty.

Skiing can be expensive. Especially, for families. But, luckily for you, there are plenty of ways you can cut down the cost of your skiing trip and save yourself money. If you are willing to put in the time, reducing the cost of your trip is easy.

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Here are five easy ways you can save on family skiing breaks:


  1. Book early

The key to saving money on your next skiing break comes from booking early. The earlier you book your break, the more money you could potentially save.

Each Autumn, before the skiing season gets underway, you will find that there are some amazing skiing deals available. These deals tend only to be available for a few weeks, so make sure that you snap them up straight away. As soon as the skiing season gets properly underway, you can kiss any money-saving deals goodbye.


  1. Aim to book out of season

If you are trying to save money on your skiing trip, timing is everything. Depending on where you plan on going for your skiing trip, the ski season can last from four to six months.

Most ski resorts open from mid-November until the end of April – the best skiing deals tend to be earlier or later in the season. This is because prices are higher when there is a greater chance of snow, and lower at the start and end of the season because there is a lower chance of snow. Prices also rise during school holidays.

Where is the best place to visit off-peak? There are plenty of fantastic ski resorts you can visit out of season, but one of the best is Vail, in Colorado. For great deals on out of season skiing, you can book your Vail vacations and Vail activities at GetawayPlanners.com. To have the best chance of snow, try to book your trip for the start of the skiing season.


  1. Go midweek

Accommodation and lift tickets are always much more expensive on weekends, so your best bet is to book a midweek break. Believe it or not, a Monday – Thursday break can cost half of what a Thursday – Sunday break costs.

As well as allowing you to save money on your booking, a midweek break also means fewer crowds, fewer queues and smaller teaching groups.


  1. Choose a holiday that gives free extras to kids

Choose a family-friendly vacation package that offers free children’s lift passes. Lift passes can be very expensive, and so any resort or holiday package that offers free passes is ideal.

Also, make sure to look out for any family skiing deals that offer free airfare tickets for kids. Plane tickets can be pricey, so if you can find a deal that includes free tickets for kids, go for it.


  1. Save money on equipment

Renting skiing equipment for the family can be expensive, especially if you pay for it on arrival. To save yourself money, go online and have a look at any equipment hire deals your chosen resort is offering.

Many resorts offer a 20% discount on skiing equipment booked in advance online. So it is well worth doing some research before your trip.

While family skiing trips can be expensive, with some smart research, it is easy to find ways to reduce the cost of your trip.



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