Creative Ideas for DIY Vaping Kit Organizers

Creative Ideas for DIY Vaping Kit Organizers

E-cigarettes have become a very popular way of giving up smoking. While the liquid they use still contains nicotine, by using them you cut out the risk that tobacco presents to your health. But the problem with using them, whether you get disposable ones or you reuse your kit, is that you need somewhere to put them. Not only do you need a place to rest your e-cig (or vaporizer) when it’s not in your hand, but you could also have lots of other parts, from liquid bottles to batteries and chargers. Anyone who likes to keep their home organized will be looking for a convenient way to keep everything in one place. Luckily, there are lots of solutions, from DIY organizers to cheap items from the hardware store that double up as holders.

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Make a Wooden Organizer

If you want to make a “vape station” so you have somewhere to keep all your vaping supplies in one place, it’s easy to knock one up with a wooden stand. Use something like a wooden cabinet organizer with tiers and drill holes in the different levels to fit the accessories that you need to store. If this is too much work, buy something that’s already designed to organize various products. It might be a pencil holder, a cosmetics organizer or even a toothbrush holder. A test tube rack also makes a great place to store e-cigs, without needing to make any modifications.

Use Duplo Blocks for a Fun Approach

One of the more quirky ways you can hold some of your vaping equipment is with a Duplo block. You can use the dimples on the block to support tanks, and they add a bright and colorful accessory to your desk or other space.

Combine Shelves and Holders

Once you’ve been vaping for a while you’ll probably find that you’ve built up quite the collection of accessories from your favorite vapor shop. When it reaches a certain level, you probably won’t be able to contain everything in one little test tube rack or spice organizer. Use a small set of shelves, perhaps a CD shelf on its side or a long DVD rack, to arrange everything that can stand on its own. Anything else that needs a bit of help standing, you can add to the top of the shelves. Use a lipstick display stand, a test tube rack or whatever you can find or make with individual slots.

Toolboxes or Makeup Carriers

If you don’t want to have your equipment on display, you might prefer to store everything in a box. Items like toolboxes or jewelry and makeup organizers are the best because they have different compartments. You can always add extra boxes or containers to separate different pieces out more. If you want to make it look a bit nicer, you could line the inside or add some decoration on the outside.

Don’t let it reach the point where you’re frustrated with all the vaping equipment you have rolling around your house. Keep it organized by taking a few minutes to create a stand or storage case.

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