Tips for Weeding Your Garden

Tips for Weeding Your Garden

Dandelion flowers, outdoors

Tips For Weeding Your Garden

It’s that time of year: summer and gardening season is in full swing. And with it, comes the weeds. And more weeds. And more weeds. Regardless of how diligent at preventative weed measures, if you have a garden, you will have weeds. The seeds from weeds can lay dormant for years. They are out there, just waiting to spring up one night!

I’d love to tell you that you can have a weed-free garden, but unless you have a full-time gardening staff, that is unlikely. Strive to keep your garden relatively weed free. Not only will your neighbors be happy with that, so will your plants. Remember, weeds can take over a garden, encroaching on your beautiful flowers, vegetables and herbs. With the end result of keeping your plants happy, here are some tips for weeding your garden.

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