10 Herbs you need to Grow

10 Herbs you need to Grow

Herbs prepared for planting.Rosemary, oregano, thyme and basil.

Fresh herbs have a long history of medicinal and culinary uses. And some herbs, have both properties. Depending on your goals, these 10 versatile herbs are ideal for most gardeners.

A herbaceous plant (herb) is a plant that has leaves and stems that have no persistent woody stem above ground and die down at the end of the growing season. They may be annuals, biennials or perennials. In general usage, herbs are any plants used for flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume.

Herbs can be grown in beautiful pots, in the ground, and a few – like mints and lemon balm, should be grown in a pot in the ground to prevent the invasive nature of these plants from taking over your garden.

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