Get Ready For Summer: Five Perfect Ideas For Slouching In The Garden

Get Ready For Summer: Five Perfect Ideas For Slouching In The Garden

As the weather heats up, it’s time to start thinking about preparing our garden spaces. And what better way than to get them ready for a few months of lounging around under the heat in style.

Why not try out some of these uber cool ideas? They are easy to do and will pimp your garden or yard up to perfection. Let’s get started.

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Put Up Some Shade

When the sun starts beating down, being in the garden can be a hellish experience. But at the same time, you don’t want to have to go back inside. The best thing to do is ensure you have a shaded area for chilling out and hiding under. Giant umbrellas don’t cut the mustard though, so we recommend getting full on with a pergola. Building it with natural materials will help the pergola breathe, meaning it won’t get hot and stuffy when you are sitting in it. There’s a great guide to building a pergola over at Check it out!

Buy Some Slouching Furniture

Once your pergola is finished, you’ll need somewhere to sit. And as we are talking slouching here, what could top a giant bean bag? You can giant bean bags for outdoors, or keep them inside and drag them out when it suits you. Head over to the Fombag online store for some ideas. It might be worth avoiding the softer materials if you are forgetful and likely to leave it outside overnight!

Build A Fire

It might be baking hot during the day, but as we all know, it can still be chilly on a summer evening. Plus, there will no doubt be the yearly invasion of mosquitoes to worry about. Thankfully, there is one great way of solving both these issues. Just build your fire. The heat will keep you warm, and the smoke will keep insects away from your flesh, meaning no chills or bites to contend with.

Make A Hammock

Nobody should have to go through their entire life without trying to make a hammock. Humans have been using them for thousands of years, and it’s no surprise. That feeling of being suspended in the air on a warm summer’s day is one of your life’s most relaxing activities. And if you are totally against the idea of building on yourself, you could always just buy one.

Build An Ice Chest

You can’t go through a lazy summer without alcohol. It’s almost against the law. And as you don’t want to be popping in and out of the house every five minutes, how about building an outdoor ice chest? All you need to do is pick up an old freezer or fridge from the scrapyard, mount it on wood, stick some legs on it and fill it with ice. And that’s it. You’ll have a perfect ice chest that will be an awesome addition to any garden. Need some inspiration? Here’s a great-looking ice chest that will definitely give you some ideas.

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