Why only you can control your happiness!

Why only you can control your happiness!


It is the age-old question really. What do you try to keep yourself happy? Some people say its money, some say it is their significant other, some say it is their kids. I say it starts with yourself.

I want to explain why it starts with you. You are the one that has full control of yourself. You are conscious aware of every action you take and judge upon others to see what action they will make. When you rely on your happiness towards other things, in the end you will be the one holding the short end of the stick.

Learning this took 10 years in the making for me. My happiness was towards helping others. I have always been the giving type. Help others out that are in need. Never expected a thing back. The fun part is when you help others out, they start assuming and expecting more out of you because at the end of the day you know that they have their own ulterior motives.

I have heard people say I do nothing but good all the time. Those kind of people are the ones I love to call bullshit on. Everyone is deceptive no matter how well you know him or her.

Some people like a taking to money. For common sense, we know money is the root of all-evil. It is a make or break you piece of paper that controls your whole lifestyle. It has powered by greed and envy and killed for too.

A good example on money, if you are reeling in the cash, you have the fake people start surrounding you asking for help. The best way to find out if the person is pretty fake. They will ask you for money but will take nothing else. I usually do not give out money unless I know it is a realistic situation. What I tend to do is help them with the problem they are having instead of giving them the cash. I putpeople through the test here to see how they are going to react. Let us say the results are not too good on that department.

Money can alter your relationship as well. Especially if you are one of those sugar daddy’s that give give give give and give to your woman. Then in return if, you happen to be down on your luck. She will just give you nothing but headaches and bitching. Now if you find a woman that is not like that. You better marry her, dumb ass!

Another thing when you are doing things for others to make you happy, People start expecting more from you. You keep doing what they want you to do until a point in time comes you stop helping them. Watch their attitude go from 0 to 100 real quick. Then start treating you like you are nobody.

This is just a few things I have observed and have had happen to me as well throughout my life. I started doing whatever I feel like that makes me happy. I do not let such petty things control me anymore. When you start waking up and realize you are the one to control yourself at the end of the day. You will watch you gamescape change drastically and you will see the demons from the good ones.

It is a shame you do not see much happy people this day because they forgot to realize what true happiness could be. It is not about your relationship and not about your money, and not about the people around you.

It starts with yourself. Only you. If you cannot love your ownself. You cannot love others around you.

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