Our Favorite Mothers Day Brunch Ideas

mothers day brunch ideas

Mothers Day is only a couple of days away. Here are the top 5 last-minute Mothers Day brunch ideas. My kids love to make breakfast in bed, but sometimes you want more than dry toast with some peanut butter. To help make Mother’s Day a really special one, we found some awesome Mother’s Day Brunch ideas you can make at home.

But seriously, if you are reading this article one or two days before Mothers Day, or even on the morning of Mothers Day (like I would be doing), we have something in common. Unfortunately for you, that thing is procrastination. You and I need help. What can we whip up for Mom that looks like we planned it for weeks but must be in the house right now. This article will give you some ideas to help cover your (and my own) lazy tracks.

The first recipe would be so easy! Just make tiny pancakes, skewer with a berry and top off with powdered sugar. This is one of the coolest last minute Mothers Day recipe ideas ever. Thank you powdered sugar.


mothers day brunch ideas

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