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This is a sponsored post by Yumms! BBQ Grilling Mat. If you need a grilling mat, you should check them out

I love to garden and grill nearly every day. Fresh food is essential to my lifestyle. It is even better when I can produce it on my own.  One of my favorite things to grill is asparagus and vegetables. But I always lose some through the cracks in the grill. That is why I am trying out the Yumms! BBQ Grilling Mat. It provides easy hassle-free grilling every time. Here’s what they say about their product:


– Now you can bake or grill anything without it falling in the grill
– Grill fish, veggies, shrimp, and much, much more. Cook the smallest, most delicate foods with ease
– Safe for indoor and outdoor Use. Use on ANY type of grill-gas, iron, or electric
– Take it anywhere you go and make EVERY grilling experience special-picnic, park vacation, etc.

Here’s a quick recipe you can try with your new grill mat:



  • On your Yumms! BBQ Grilling Mat, lay the asparagus flat and drizzle with some olive oil and balsamic. The grilling mat will help keep the oil and vinegar in contact with the asparagus and will prevent accidental dropping of the asparagus through the grill grate.
  • Heat until cooked. Then remove and sprinkle some of the Tuscan blend on for additional flavor.

The mat works great. It helps keep you grill clean and gives you additional grilling opportunities. If you would like to purchase this, you can find it here.

Thanks for reading!

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