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About us: is run by former Minnesota Resorters. We want to work with you to help sell out your cabin, room, resort, hotel or other Minnesota vacation service. Who are we? We are just a family of social media influencers, bloggers, seaplane pilots, and avid outdoors-people who love storytelling and vacationing. We just happen to have 20 years of hospitality experience to back up our social media and content marketing expertise.

We want to teach you how to do content marketing and social media successfully. At resorts, we have done everything from filling boats with gas, to cooking, to wedding planning and managing an entire resort. We know how hard the business is. In the content and social media marketing industries, we have been featured in the Wall Street Journal on “How to Become an Online Celebrity and – Get Paid For It” as well as been seen in Investment News Magazine discussing the issue of developing digital assets.

Number talk. Here’s our social media:

  • 1,600,000+ Pinterest Followers.
  • 170,000+ Twitter Followers.
  • 11,000+ Twitter followers are specifically on a Minnesota Vacation account.
  • 17,000+ Twitter followers are on a hunting and fishing account.
  • 3,500+ Facebook Fans.
  • Growing dedicated email list to people who sign up for Minnesota Vacation Deals.

Starting your Content Marketing and Social Media

The first problem is that small resorts aren’t known for being technologically progressive. I understand how easy it is to get stuck in routines and for some reason, small resorts seem to be the poster boy for “doing things the way we always have.” How many times have you heard “That’s just the way we do it” at your resort? If you have ever heard that, or said it yourself, this should be a HUGE wake up call. The world is changing quickly, and if you keep doing things the same way you did in the 2000’s and 1990’s you are likely experiencing a slow and painful death. I follow many resorts on social media and most of the hospitality business are, well, … really bad at content marketing and social media.

If you are in the Minnesota Hospitality business, you may own a rental such as a cabin, resort, hotel or other vacation service. You likely have asked yourself how to manage all of your social media or be ranked highly on search engines. Maybe you asked your friends, other resorts, or even associations for advice. These are all good questions and you should at a minimum understand these things. After all, your customers are using them and it is one more tool to communicate with them and find new customers. But, the truth of the matter is, you likely just don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge of how to maintain an online and social media marketing campaign that can return your invested time and money.

The holy triangle of online marketing is Social, Content, and Search. Social is where people hear about you. Content is what they remember about you, and Search is where they find you. I will be writing a series about how to develop strategies and a plan to do each of these successfully with the resources you have. 

The next article will cover SEO. Stay tuned…

More About Us

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We Can Help You Fill Rooms

We have a growing list of people who follow us for Minnesota vacation deals. We will work with you to promote your specials to our following who are asking for deals! We use social media and a dedicated email list to reach customers who are asking for specials.

If You Want Help With Your Content Marketing and Social Media: offers a host of services to the Minnesota Hospitality Industry from customized consulting to specific services. Do you need a refresher or a little help with your social media game? We are available to help you with your strategy for content and reach including blogs, social media, email marketing, writing, and photography. Contact us at for more information.


  • $500: Sponsored posts – We will write or host an article about your cabin or resort. You get high quality link backs (which are extremely important for your own SEO), traffic, and exposure. The average article on our site gets over 10,000 readers in the first month.
  • Product Reviews – Barter for lodging or service in exchange for a post. We don’t shill. We give honest reviews. It gives us credibility, and if your cabin or resort is a delight, will mean much better reactions by our readers about you.
  • Social Media Shout Out – We promote you to our Minnesota Vacations or Hunting and Fishing account. $15 per tweet.
  • Email mention – $20 (contact us for details)
  • Social Media and Content Marketing Consulting:

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