7 House Styles to Consider When Building Your Own Home

7 House Styles to Consider When Building Your Own Home

When you own your home, you can do almost anything you like with it. But if you decide to build from scratch, you can have almost complete free range over what you choose to do. From the foundation to the roof, you can create your dream home, designed just the way you want it. However, with so many options, you understandably could have a hard time making decisions. If you know you want to design your home but you don’t know where to start, try these seven design styles to inspire you.

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Log Cabin

Tracy Karges

One of the favorite architectural styles for people who want a green home is log cabins. If you’ve ever been on vacation in a similar building, you’ll have fond memories of the cozy nature of the building, and probably your surroundings too. Although many log cabins are very traditional, you can build a modern home inspired by them too.

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Lee Cannon

If you want a bit exotic flavor in your home, a fiery Mediterranean design could be for you. It looks perfect in hot regions, surrounded by palm trees or perhaps a cultivated Italian garden. Or maybe you could go slightly more colonial and take inspiration from the haciendas of Latin America.

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Religious Influences

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Across the world, some of the most famous and magnificent buildings are places of worship, from St Paul’s Cathedral to the Hagia Sofia. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the architectural feats in these structures. If you’re building from scratch, you can adopt some of the elements you see in religious buildings. They can work wonderfully in a modern or traditional home. Take a look at www.churchesbydaniels.com to give you some ideas for some of the features you could borrow from church design.

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Debora Drummond

Homes inspired by colonial architecture can look fantastic too, whether they’re rustic or more refined. Make a grand front porch the primary feature of your home’s exterior, which perhaps wraps around to the back of the house. Details such as shutters, columns, and attic bedrooms make these homes stand out.

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You might prefer something a bit more modern in a contemporary home design. If you like to keep up with all the latest advancements in architecture, there’s lots to inspire you. Build a home for the present and the future, which is sleek and eye-catching outside and has all the mod-cons inside.

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Take inspiration from the clean and serene design of many homes in Asia for zen living. Curved roofs and flowing spaces will bring an element of calm to your new house. And you can include plenty of greenery to commune with nature.

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Sue Hasker

Anyone looking for something cute and traditional will love Tudor homes. You could build a Tudor inspired modern house or try to make it as authentic as possible, with wooden beams and a thatched roof. Don’t forget about the distinctive black and white exterior.

There are so many styles to choose from when designed your home that you could get overwhelmed. But if you start by looking at some different designs, you’re sure to find something you love.

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