Three Stylish Types Of Flooring You Can Easily Install Yourself

Three Stylish Types Of Flooring You Can Easily Install Yourself

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Did you know there is a range of flooring systems and options out there that are easy for anyone to do? As with any DIY, it’s important you do the proper preparation. Many people find themselves with unsatisfactory results after completing a DIY job because they rush and don’t follow instructions. You must make sure you set aside time to finish the work properly, or you may be disappointed.

Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring has been a common addition to homes for many years. It now comes in a wide variety of styles and options, mean you can choose the design that’s right for you. Remember to choose something that matches your existing decor or is neutral in case of further redecoration.

Most laminate flooring is installed quickly in a ‘click and go’ manner. Each plank fits nicely into one another for a quick installation. There is no fussing with glue, and it can be completed in a matter of hours.

Glue can be much stronger and harder-wearing; however it can take a little longer to fit your flooring. When using glue it is applied to joints and then the pieces of laminate are slotted into place. To make this process more simple, it is also possible to purchase laminate flooring with pre-glued ends.

Wooden Flooring

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Wood looks great in any home and any room. Choosing light-coloured wooden flooring is an easy way to make your room feel more open and bright. It can be difficult to install certain types of wooden flooring but don’t panic. Engineered wooden flooring has the appeal, look and style of real wood flooring but is much easier to fit and available in many colours. It is even more sturdy than a real wood floor, and won’t take up much of your time due to maintenance.

After undertaking the proper preparation for this type of flooring, in most cases all you need to do then is install the floor using a flooring stapler to make it even easier. You can also install it simply by using a nail and a hammer to secure each piece!

Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Flooring can found in a variety of patterns, colours, textures and grains. It tends to come on a roll of material or in tile form. Vinyl has come a long way and is now available as easy-to-install ‘floating’ vinyl sheets. It is much more durable and lasts much longer than other types of vinyl.

To install a vinyl flooring, you would need to remove the shoe moulding from the edges of the room. Next, you can measure up or use paper to create a template of the room. Next all you need to do is cut your vinyl, lay it on the floor and attach your shoe moulding again. Easy as that!

There are also other varieties of vinyl that allow you to just ‘peel and stick’ the vinyl to the floor.

What do you think of these flooring ideas? Are you ready to update your flooring?


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