Proven Winners – Plants you can count on

Proven Winners – Plants you can count on

Are you looking for plants that will give lasting beauty? How about flowers that will give your garden some WOW power? Of course you are. Any gardener hopes to have a garden that really stands out.


We are working on a couple of DIY posts right now that we will need plants for. The first is a container that is really a galvanized tub. You will see this post in a week or two. While cleaning out a storage shed we found a couple of old galvanized tubs that we think will transform beautifully into containers for the patio by the pool. We are not going to all that trouble and not have a spectacular collection of flowers and plants to show off our DIY handiwork. The best container in the world won’t look good without great plants. Our preference is Proven Winners plants. We have had great luck with them in the past and we are sticking with what works. We found their flowers to be healthy and disease resistant. Long lasting blossoms are really important to us so we choose Proven Winners.


Where we live, the poor plants in our garden are really put through the mill. We have huge temperature swings as well as summers that can be very wet or hot and dry. Some years we get both cold and wet and then hot and dry. The plants we use really need to be heat and drought resistant. They must be healthy enough to ride out the nasty cold snaps that our neighbor to the north, Canada, sends our way all year long. We can count on Proven Winners plants to be the healthiest available.

Colorblaze Kingswood Torch Coleus

Because we are human, we tend to get into habits or stuck in a rut. I read somewhere that the average family only eats 4-5 different entrees. That’s a lot of repeats of the same meal. The same is true when gardening. We often plant the same things over and over. To achieve that WOW garden that you are hoping for, you need to mix it up a little. We really appreciate how Proven Winners spends so much time and effort traveling the globe seeking out the very best and latest in shrubs, annuals and perennials.

Hemerocallis RAINBOW RHYTHM  Primal Scream

There is something else I need to share with you today. Even though I have a very large following on Pinterest in the garden category, I am not a gardening expert. Believe it or not, recently, I was invited to be on a network TV show as a gardening expert. No way. That would have been embarrassing. When I need answers about plants or gardening I usually go online. The Proven Winners website is a great resource for all kinds of plant and gardening topics.


Next time you are at the nursery, check out the latest and greatest from Proven Winners. Like contests? Check out the Proven Winners Dream Garden Sweepstakes.  3 lucky winners will win a $250 gift certificate for the Proven Winners online store. Hurry, winner will be chosen June 2, 2015. Enter the sweepstakes HERE.

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