Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing


I love Ranch Dressing. Some people may judge me for this, but when I went to college I was still an extremely picky eater.

I was determined, however, to become a healthy eater. This was the first time in my life that I could chose when and what I was eating.

With that in mind, I started forcing myself to eat mainly fruits, veggies, and lean proteins, but I couldn’t just dive straight in to the hard core stuff – you know – the spinach and other veggies, without something to help “mask” the flavor. So what did I smother it in? Ranch, of course!

Now. I know Ranch isn’t healthy, but hey! It got me to like vegetables, so I’d say that’s a win. Now that I enjoy eating salads and vegetables, I don’t need Ranch dressing, but sometimes I really miss the taste of it! I’ve seen healthy Ranch dressing recipes around the web for years now, and finally decided to make my own Homemade Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing.

I’ve missed you old friend.

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