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Today we are talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) and it is very Hard.

First, for the love of all things, if you find somebody that says they will get you ranked #1. Don’t walk away. Run! Everybody want’s to be ranked number 1. That is a given and these guys know that. They play on your desire to dominate search for a quick buck. In the end you will end up paying them money and you just won’t have the digital assets to really get an organic ranking that will last. It is just not realistic. I’ll explain a little about SEO below:

What Google and other search engines want to do is to find the best search result for their customers. They measure this by evaluating your site rank, your authority in a search term, and the engagement of people on your site and your posts. Someone selling SEO rankings, just can’t move the needle on these items.

Being ranked number one on search engines is extremely difficult. You will probably get your specific website listed number one for people looking for your specific website, but who cares? These people are already looking for YOU. What you want from search is for people who want your product that aren’t already your customers. I don’t want to get into a lot of SEO strategy, because I don’t think it is helpful.  I can give you an idea why: My site has over 1,000,000 link backs and we write 10-20 articles per day, have a social following that will pass 2M this summer, and have hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month. These metrics are very important to search engine optimization and we are only rated a 5 out of 10. I don’t know a single resorter who has the time to develop a site to this level. Frankly, they shouldn’t. Most resort’s websites I visit aren’t even ranked by google, meaning they are basically lower than a 1. The chances of showing up in search for “fishing vacation” or “great minnesota family vacation” are basically none. This is especially true for small resorts because one thing search engines look at is engagement. Bigger resorts just have more online engagement because they have more customers.

I can tell you this, if you did carve out a niche, and it would take a minimum of a year, you will quickly find that the advertising you make on your website would be far more money than the rental income you can earn. It is more like starting a new business than marketing for one you already have. When it starts to work, you will quickly become a blogger, not a resorter. It is not uncommon for a keyword to have a value of tens of thousands of dollars per month in advertising value.

If you are just starting, or even if you have been trying for a long time, focus on winning your own name. If people who search for you can find you, you are fine. You will most likely get this by default without any effort.

I want to remind you briefly of the golden triangle of online marketing. Search, content, and social media. Social media is where people hear about you. Content is how they remember you. Search is how they find you. If you are being found by people searching for you, you are fine.

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