Simple Trick for more Summer Blooms

Simple Trick for more Summer Blooms

Want more summer blooms from your annuals? It’s easy! Pinch back your plants main stem. That’s right. This works for Asters, Geraniums, Marigolds and Pansies.


What you are really doing is encouraging the plants to fill out. Here’s what you do, remove the growth bud when the plant is in a fast growing phase. This occurs before the first buds form. If you have bedding plants a good time to do this is when you plant them in the garden. If you started plants from seeds a good time to pinch back the plant is when it is 3 – 4 inches tall.


All you do is pinch back or snap off the last inch or so of the main growing stem. This will encourage the plant to nourish the many side buds instead of growing one large stem. You should see several small shoots growing from the main stem that was pinched after several days.



This should encourage a fuller and shorter plant than it’s non-pinched neighbor. There should be many more branches and blossoms on your pinched plant as well.

This process can actually be done again a couple weeks or so after the first pinching.

Another important step is deadheading annuals. “Off with their HEADS”. ┬áNot only does the plant look better with the dead blossoms removed, but you send the energy that would go to producing seeds to new blossoms instead. The best way to deadhead is to snip off the old blossom just above the next side bud on the stem.

A little maintenance will go a long way toward keeping your garden full of blossoms all summer.

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