4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Garden!

4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Garden!

The sun is shining up in clear blue skies. The smell of freshly cut grass tickles your nostrils. Summer is nearly here. And there’s one thing Summer brings, which no other season can; the importance of a good garden!

Having spent months suffering cold abuse in the winter, your garden is slowly coming back to life, just in time for Summer. With a few months of garden parties and BBQ’s coming up, you’ll want to make sure your garden is in tip top condition. So here are some, simple, yet effective ideas, to turn your garden into something you’re proud of.

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Don’t cut the grass too low!

A lot of people may think that cutting the lawn means you have to cut the grass as short as possible. This is not the case! If you cut too short, then you run the risk of damaging your lawn. Instead of a luscious, green, outdoor carpet, you’ll have a dirty, unattractive, brown mess. I recommend that you try and cut your lawn on the highest setting possible to minimise the risk of damage and keep your lawn looking lovely.


No, not the sport. Something that gets overlooked when designing a pretty garden is what separates your garden from your neighbours. For a lot of people, this is done with fences. Also for a lot of people, they’ve still got the same fencing they had when they moved into the house! Over time fences can become damaged and unattractive, make sure you take a good look at the ones in your garden. If they’re looking a bit grim, then it could be time to upgrade them to something better looking, and sturdier. There are plenty of guides out the to help you pick a new garden fence.

Have a great garden shed!

Give your garden that little something extra, build a stunning shed. Garden sheds can come in a whole host of varieties. They can vary in size and look. You could go for a uber modern looking garden shed. Or you might fancy something a little more traditional and subtle, like a barn style shed. Barn style sheds are my favourite, they add a little extra class to your backyard. Obviously, as well as looking beautiful, sheds are a great place to store all your garden tools! So not only will you have a great looking back garden, but less clutter inside your house too.

Patio or decking?

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If you truly want to turn your garden into a summer stunner, you’ll want to have on of these two. Patio or decking are great ways to make your garden go that extra mile. They provide a place for tables and chairs to sit peacefully. Perfect for a garden party, or just having your family meals outside for once! There are positives/negatives for both. Patio lasts longer; decking is cheaper. It’s all about finding which one will suit you, and your garden, best.

These are just four, easy ideas to help you transform your garden. If you’re planning a garden party, here are some helpful tips for the perfect entertainment.


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