Ideas To Create Your Perfect Garden This Summer

Ideas To Create Your Perfect Garden This Summer

Summer is coming, and now is the time to make that outdoor space your favourite place to be all season. Have you ever wanted that feeling that you are just stepping into another room of your house. Do you feel a little let down by the reality of a less than perfect garden? We have some of the best tips and ideas for you to feel that silky smooth transition from indoors to outdoors. If you have ever wanted to have a garden to love and cherish, try out some of these:

Patio doors – Installing glass doors that open from your living room onto the garden can help bring the outside inside. It also opens up the view onto your garden. Patio doors effectively create a glass wall in your living room. If you haven’t had that before, you may need to invest in thermal curtains for the winter, as it can feel a little cooler.

Outdoor room – To create an outdoor ‘room’ to walk into through your patio doors, you need two windbreaker sides. Toughened glass panels mean the view and light are not impeded. Your second wall may be the garden wall or fence. You can choose to have a ‘roof’ using a pergola or awning but most people like the sun trap effect this space can create.

Decking – Wooden decking creates a wonderful walkway through your garden. You can use it to provide effective patio type areas for your outside dining and sitting spaces. If your garden is on more than one level, use decking steps to navigate from one height to the next. It will require staining or protection every one to two years. To cut down on the amount of wood you have to look after, you could use stylish glass panel or metal balustrades.

Fencing – A good quality fence helps create a good looking boundary. You will also need secure wooden garden gates to help keep unwanted visitors out and pets and kids in. Keep your fence in pristine condition year on year with a good quality stain. These can be applied with a spray machine, so it only takes a short time to do.

Lawn – The pride of every garden is a weed free lawn. If yours has seen better days, now may be the time to strip it, level it, and roll out new turf. It doesn’t cost too much and provides an instant result. For a cheap alternative, seed some topsoil, and wait for a few weeks for the grass to thicken up.

Flowers and shrubs – Gardens really are a pleasure to sit in when there are plenty of colourful blooms to admire. Think about planting on different levels. On the ground, you may have some flower beds with colourful pansies. Shrubs and small hedges may sit behind them. Standard roses or olive trees provide some nice structure at about a meter tall. Then bamboo or climbers can provide the extra height. Hanging baskets outside your patio door provide a splash of colour up in the air to enjoy from the comfort of your seating area.

Veggie Patch – If you have a good size garden you may want to install a vegetable patch. Then you can grow your own potatoes, tomatoes or even fruits. You may be able to grow more than you need, and earn a little cash from your efforts. If you don’t have a lot of ground space, large troughs can usually provide good crops. They can be moved to make the most of the sun too, or just be popped out of the way when you are entertaining.

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Kids’ play area – Every good family garden needs a little area with a swing, slide or sand pit for the nippers to enjoy. You might want to use a little fencing to keep the pets out or ensure the kids don’t wander into other areas of the garden. Artificial grass is a nice surface to use that is relatively mess-free and maintenance-free.

Zen Garden – The best thing about gardens is that they are so relaxing. You can create a lovely little area of stillness and quiet with a zen garden. It doesn’t need to be big. A Zen garden may just be a few stones, or include a water feature and planting. You might want to use a gazebo or pergola so you can have your own area to enjoy meditation, Yoga or T’ai Chi. Keep it secluded with some bamboo planting to encompass the area.

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Pets’ area – If you have a dog, cat or rabbit, it can be a good idea to provide them with their own area. It would be a shame if your pet made a mess of your lovely new garden after all that effort! Instead, provide a few toys, somewhere to dig, and a mixture of grass and soil to enjoy. Fence it in, and your pet should be happy in his own little play park, safe from hazards, and away from your plants!

Water feature – Water features have fallen out of favour in recent years. This may be partly because they can be dangerous when you have children around. They can also require a fair bit of cleaning! Having some trickling water in your garden usually requires a water pump that is often mains powered. You could look into using a solar powered one to save on your electricity bill. It could also save you running cables from the mains.

Garden shed – When you have a lovely garden, you need somewhere to put things away when winter comes. A garden shed is a good place to store the mower, patio furniture, kids’ toys, and vulnerable planting. They come in maintenance-free plastic nowadays to save you the extra work of keeping the roof and wood in good condition.

Having a garden is wonderful and adds real value to your home. Most importantly, it provides you with somewhere to sit and relax, eat, and play. Many people find maintaining their garden an enjoyable hobby. Gardening also helps to increase activity levels. Enjoy your garden this summer.


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