Bumble Bee in Slow Motion in our Garden.

One of my favorite parts of garden is discovering the critters who show up and enjoy the flowers with us. It is common for us to see several kinds of frogs, toads, skinks, and many birds. Earlier in the day, we were sitting on the patio and could hear something buzzing around the corner. We wen’t over to check it out and it was this gigantic bumble bee. It spent hours in our garden hopping from one plant to the next. It loved our false indigo and one of our rose bushes in particular. It would fill up with pollen, fly away, and come back over and over and over again.

One of his visits back to our garden, he came and visited a plant right next to where we were working. Dan (of dan330) took out his camera and took this video in slow motion with his iphone.

bumble bee

If anyone knows what kind of bee this is, please comment below. We would love to know what it is!

IMG_8612 copy

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