The One Way to Make It to the Top

The One Way to Make It to the Top

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‘Make it to the top’ is a phrase used in so many ways.  Be the best.  Beat everyone else.  ‘King of the world’ or at least the ‘mountain.’  And here I’ll use it two ways.  The first is literally to make it to the top of a mountain in the Alps.

The picture you see is of a ‘funicular.’  I’m not making it up. Search it if you wish but a funicular is a cable-drawn railway car or cars where that cable helps overcome a significant incline.  In other words, all funiculars (great word, right!?) are built on the side of a mountain to move you from the bottom to the top and back down again.

This particular one is in Austria.  Some of our family rode in it in May of 2014 from the City Centre in Innsbruck to Hungerburg.  From there to actually reach the peak is two other suspended cable car rides.  Awesome experience!

You might notice that the train you see in the picture is one car with several pods within it.  It moves up and down the mountain as one.  But each pod moves up and down across the trip at different moments,  therefore keeping you ‘level’ standing up even as the car tackles some serious incline grades!  I was amazed by the engineering of this thing.

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