Home Improvement Hacks That Will Rapidly Transform Your Outdoor Space

Home Improvement Hacks That Will Rapidly Transform Your Outdoor Space

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Summer has arrived. It has happened so quickly you haven’t even had the chance to panic about your garden this year. Normally, there are a few weeks where you think about transforming your outdoor space for the summer until you realise it is too much hard work. The funny thing is turning you garden into a summer haven isn’t that difficult. In fact, it is surprisingly easy if you follow these basic tricks.

Reinvent Your Garden Furniture

The quintessential winter garden is full of broken and worn out furniture. It makes sense then that your summer garden should look to fix these pieces of furniture and reinvent them. Garden furniture is a mainstay of a great looking outdoor space. Not only are they practical, but they look good too if you buy the right pieces. The most basic and effective reinvention is a simple coat of paint. Try a colour that fits into the scheme of your garden. Beiges and whites are effective as they contrast with the bold colours of the plants.

Get The Lighting Right

Gardens are increasingly being used as an indoor space outside, so treat them like you would any other room in the house. And, just like any other room lighting is vital. Big spotlights will enhance the look of the most important accessories in your outdoor space. Oversized lanterns, meanwhile, are cheap and decorative. They will make you feel as if you are in the Orient.

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Trim The Hedges

Any garden worth its salt needs to be neat and well presented. Now the winter months have gone it is not acceptable to have overgrown shrubs and hedges. You need to trim back all the overgrowth and preferably shape them into a design for maximum effect. Once you have trimmed back the trees and bushes, put border edging around the lawn. Borders keep back any invasive plants and stop them growing out of control again.

If this all sounds too much, there are companies like Metro Tree that will do it for you. They are professionals and offer a wide range of facilities.

Get In The Shade

A parasol is a great addition to a summer garden. The big flowering shape of the parasol is a focal point in any outdoor space and adds life and character. But, more importantly, it creates a shady spot for you to relax and enjoy the summer sun, without catching the sun!

Be Ruthless

When it comes to the plants, you have to be ruthless. Any plants that haven’t made the cut need to be removed and replaced. Plants should be bold and loud, yet last for most of the summer so your garden has the stylish look you want all summer round.

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Mix It Up

Don’t get too fixated on plants and grass; there are other elements of a garden you know! Gravel and stone paving is another great way to create a contrast that is unique. But, they are also incredibly practical and will last for months without any attention.

Follow these tips and tricks and you won’t even recognise your garden when you have finished.


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