Crunchy Asian Cucumber Salad with Peanuts

Crunchy Asian Cucumber Salad with Peanuts


Really, is there anything as cool and refreshing as cucumber on a hot summer day?  Well, OK…maybe watermelons, and margaritas, and ice cream, and coca cola.  But I’m pretty sure cucumbers belong on that list, too!

These cucumbers are tossed with cilantro, shallots, Thai chiles, and salty roasted peanuts.  Then drizzled with a cool rice-wine vinaigrette with a hint of sesame oil. Cause I love sesame oil and will find an excuse to put it in {almost} anything!

The cool, crunchy cucumbers and peanuts are contrasted by the spicy Thai chiles.  Be careful with these things, they are dangerous!!  I recommend de-seeding them, because these guys can do some damage if you’re not careful {word from the wise, here}.

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