Gilmour Gardening at the Dan330 Gardens.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gilmour for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Gilmour brand has given me several products to review and are paying me for this post. But, the pictures and opinions are my own.

This is my second post for the Gilmour brand. I legitimately love their products. Let me give you a little insight into what we did in the last few weeks and what is going on in our yard and garden.

It’s peony season. One of my favorite garden flowers. To see some of our peonies, check out our post here. The blooms only lasts a week or two, but when the bloom is on, it is spectacular. We are also heavily into the lawn-mowing season. It seems like every 3-4 days, there is more grass to cut.

First, let’s take a look at the garden. These pictures were all taken in the last two weeks. These are peonies, and other perennials.

Last time, you saw us remodel our kitchen garden and plant the seeds. This post, I wanted to show off some of the rest of the garden and how we take care of our equipment. When you have a large garden you take very seriously, it is important to use top quality garden equipment. Right now, I am exclusively using Gilmour sprayers, sprinklers, and the Gilmour Flexogen hose. Here’s a little more about Gilmour.

The Gilmour brand exists to meet the needs of gardeners and homeowners who demand the very best for their lawns and gardens. You can purchase them at home improvement or garden store. Gilmour has over 100 years of lawn and garden service rooted in quality, innovation, and value. The brand is committed to remaining the leader of water and gardening products through continuous improvement. I have used the Gilmour Flexogen hose and agree it is perfectly engineered to provide an unsurpassed combination of durability and performance. I have used it for lawn maintenance, gardening and outdoor cleaning activities. The Gilmour Flexogen exceeded my expectations. This year, gardening has been joyful. The Gilmour Flexogen hose is the longest-lasting and most durable hose in its class. It is the only 8-layer hose in the market. The hose itself is very durable, yet is easy to work in and out of the garden around plants.

Early on, just after I received the hose, we had a cold snap in Minnesota. It got down to freezing at night and was below 50 during the day. The hose continued to work great. Flexogen’s durability is its patented tri-extrusion construction process where three layers of hose are extruded at the same time, allowing for all-weather performance. Even when the seasons change, users can rely on Flexogen for maximum functionality in temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

I also wanted to share the cleaning of our lawn mower. We have a commercial mower that cuts about 4 acres of grass. You can imagine how dirty it gets! But with the Gilmour Metal Power Jet Wand, it was a piece of cake to clean.

We started by attaching our hose.


Then we attached the Gilmour Metal Power Jet Wand. It has a flow control, and a very easy handle to hold onto. 

I was impressed with how it strong it shot out water and how it started and stopped the flow of water. It is very  precise and well made. You can see for yourself how it sprayed below.

What’s the point of having a beautiful lawn and garden if you can’t enjoy it, right? Here’s my son Johnnie playing in the Gilmour Metal Oscillating Sprinkler.


Remember, great gardens and yards deserve great equipment. I recommend the Gilmour Flexogen hose. It’s built to last.Gilmour on Facebook

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