Cilantro Chile Pesto Fish

Cilantro Chile Pesto Fish

Cilantro Chile Pesto Fish- this pesto is packed with cilantro, lime, and roasted jalapenos!


This pesto has a cool cilantro-jalapeño-lime kind of thing going on, and it is pretty darn delicious.  Let me clarify that those aren’t raw jalapeños, but rather grilled jalapeños, so they get that sweeter, more pronounced jalapeño flavor going on, and waaay less spicy.

This pesto would be wonderful on a whole lotta things: pizza, sandwiches, etc, but I decided to go with fish.  Specifically, white fish.  I used tilapia, but it would be wonderful on all sorts of fish.

Because my tilapia was pretty thin, and my barbecue has a reputation for setting things on fire (no joke), I grilled it on a sheet of aluminum foil.  A few minutes per side was all it took for a seriously easy week-night dinner.  We slathered ours with some extra pesto, and served it with a big salad.


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