25 Lessons from 25 Years of Marriage, part 3

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25 Lessons from 25 Years of Marriage, part 3

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SERIES NOTE:  Since one of the most read posts I’ve published was about how Theresa and I stayed married for 25 years so far, here’s a series of 25 lessons I’ve learned in that 25 years!  I’ll be posting twice weekly – Mondays and Wednesdays – with this series.  And Fridays will be something fun/different.

5. Your spouse is smarter than you (at least in some areas!)

Respect your spouse’s strengths!  We all like being good at something, so celebrate their ‘good’ qualities and accomplishments.  When they run their best race yet or work magic in the kitchen on a new recipe, say so!  Not only should you ‘let’ them have their moments, but you should be the clearest cheerleader they have.  Whether you have a bubbly personality and a social media presence and post about their merit-worthy achievements or whether you are the quiet type who holds them close and whispers ‘way to go,’ be sure to let them hear and see you proud of them!

In all your decisions together, hear each other out.  Listen for the insights and pros and cons they come up with.  We are all ‘smarter’ than the other in some number of categories.  Don’t feel threatened by it.  Instead see it as a huge blessing that two people who are so very smart are teamed up for life!  Let’s win this thing together!

When you realize that your strengths are not diminished by their strengths, it’s liberating.  You’re not competing with your spouse.  You’re doing life with them!  So cheer each other on and keep on growing individually and as a couple.

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