Goodbye Baby Wrens

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Goodbye Baby Wrens

Today marks 2 weeks and 1 day since we first saw that the eggs were hatching.  What a miraculous transformation from egg to being able to fly, and fueled only by insects.  Only 15 days to go from featherless and hungry;


to wings and sight! There are only four left in the nest, getting ready to leave.  I only see one parent around, so I bet the other one is watching the babies who have flown away.  Do they need to learn how to find their own food?  Only one adult is here to ch-ch-ch at me when I get too close to the nest.

Goodbye Baby Wrens




Video on day 15 since hatch.


It’s been fun to watch the eggs hatch and see the spectacular growth from pink squirming bundle of helplessness to wide eyed and fly-able.  I wanted to end with more pictures of Mom and Dad protecting the brood and looking as fierce as one half an ounce of flittering bird can look.  Their wingspan is less than 6 inches and their length is approximately 5 inches, but their chirp lets you know they mean business, although I was never attacked.  By the end of the 15 days, they would get quite close, maybe 18 inches away and let me have it with the repeated ch-ch-ch you hear in the videos.




FoodThanks for the observations in between pulling weeds and gardening.  It’s been a fun couple of weeks watching you raise your little family.


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