Sweet Potato, Corn & Chive Fritters

Sweet Potato, Corn & Chive Fritters


I’ve been working on these guys on and off for awhile, and finally struck gold with this recipe!

First, the sweet potato is steamed.  I have done this in the microwave for 10-ish minutes or in a pot for 20-ish minutes.  Then the sweet potato is cooled slightly, mashed, and mixed with flour, cornmeal, some eggs and milk, and the fillings: corn, a handful of chives and a sprinkling of curry powder.  Perfect flavor combination!

You know what is cool about these fritters?  If you have an aversion to frying stuff, you can pull out your waffle maker and ‘waffle-ize’  them.  I used the same timing as for a normal waffle, and they turned out delicious.

However I am showing you my lightly fried version, because I preferred the lightly crispy texture that frying gave to these guys.

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