5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Backyard

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Backyard


There are few things better than being able to enjoy your own backyard. Fresh air, the sounds of nature, privacy, and the feeling of just being home. Now that’s what a backyard was meant to be, your own piece of the outdoors.

A great backyard offers a place to gather with friends and family, somewhere to enjoy delicious food from the grill, or even just a place to enjoy some solitude. Here are five ideas to help you enjoy your outdoor living space just a little more.

  1. Adding A Cozy Fire

If you have a patio or deck, you might want to consider getting an outdoor fireplace or chiminea. The addition of a fire will add a warm glow in the evening and night time. There’s a calm, relaxing effect that created by the sound of log popping and crackling on a fire.

An outdoor fireplace or chiminea offers the ability to roast food over the flames campfire style. They can take the briskness out of a chilly night by doing so lengthen the season in which you may enjoy nights outside.


2. Lighting Up the Night

Ground lighting is a great way to illuminate your backyard whether you ring backyard structures, like a gazebo or pergola, with lighting or use lights to line pathways. Ground lighting is gorgeous at nighttime and, most often, the lights are not harsh but add a soft, gentle glow. Some ground lighting can run off of solar power they absorb during the day.

  1. Refuge From the Sun

Too much sun can ruin a day out. It’s a good idea, in any backyard, to have some place available to retreat from the sun. It could be a pergola or other outdoor structure. If you have and open deck or patio some outdoor umbrellas could be just what you need. An awning could be another consideration. Some awnings are retractable so, on days you want a little more sun, you have it.

Aside from shade, many options that provide it also offer some protection from the rain. At times, being outside underneath an umbrella or sitting under the awning with a gentle rain pattering softly all around you can be just as enjoyable and relaxing as being outside on a clear day.

  1. Adding the Ideal Furnishings

Finding the right outdoor furniture can really add to the amount of enjoyment you get from being outside and relaxing in your backyard. All sorts of furniture are available from Adirondack chairs to outdoor daybeds. Are chairs or benches more fun? Perhaps a rocker or a porch swing would really appeal. It’s worth seeing what’s available. You’ll love your backyard so much more.

  1. Add Flowing Water to Any Outdoor Structure

The subtle trickling sound of flowing water can be an excellent ambiance to add to an outdoor area. You can add this with a fountain or small waterfall. It could be a fountain dug into the yard as part of a little pond. You can even add a fountain or small waterfall to a deck or gazebo as there are many that cycle water from a reservoir within that you fill and are powered by plugging into an outlet.

flowing water

Try these tips and enjoy your great outdoors, right inside your backyard, even more. Many of these techniques can be done at little cost or, if you have the zeal to go all out, can be done on a large scale as well. Whatever your budget and desire, I’m sure you’ll love the result.

About the Author: Joshua Hurst enjoys writing, home improvement, and the outdoors. He is happy to have the opportunity to present this article on behalf of Country Lane Woodworking.

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