Making Your Garden Suitable for All the Family

Making Your Garden Suitable for All the Family

As you probably already know, family life is all about compromise and balance. Everyone in the household has different ideas and priorities about what the garden should be for. The only way to resolve this problem is to make the garden suitable for everyone in the family.

Kids Space

Kids can be pretty demanding, so you need to devote an area of the garden to the things they want to do in it. It’s only fair that you do this, they may only be children, but it’s the whole family’s garden. You could create a specific play area to keep them happy on hot summer days. What you create will, of course, depend on how old they are and what their preferences are.

If you’re good at DIY projects, you could build a whole jungle gym for them. All you need is a solid wood frame, a good plan and the added extras that come with it. There could be a slide, a climbing wall, a swing, some monkey bars or a tunnel. Draw up some plans with your kids and see what their thoughts are. Make sure you build it safely and securely, or you could just buy a ready made jungle gym.

You should add some soft material on the ground underneath if you’re going to do this. You can buy bags of bark chippings to make any falls a little softer. If the task of building a jungle gym seems like a bit too much hard work, there are plenty of other options to consider. You could buy new games and sports equipment, a swing or a trampoline.

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Grown-Up Space

Now the kids have their space sorted out, the adults need some space dedicated to relaxation. You should have a patio or decked area of the garden where you can sit down and entertain friends and family. A great garden table with a set of chairs so that you can eat and drink in the garden during the summer is a must.

You can get these essentials from retailers like the Outdoor Furniture Superstore. Now that we’re into the summer make sure you look out for any offers and deals as you might be able to get garden furniture at a discounted rate.

You should also think about getting a shed for the man of the house. It provides a retreat where you can go to and mess around with tools. All men love to spend time in their own shed, whether they’d admit it or not!

Green Space

Don’t forget about the green space in the garden though. Your garden still needs some natural areas that aren’t taken up by the needs of the family. So, leave a small patch of lawn that is kept neat and cut to the right level (not too short or too long).

You should also have a flower bed to add some colour and vibrancy to the garden. It will look rather plain and boring if you don’t have some great flowers. If you go to your local garden centre, there will be someone there to give you advice on which flowers to choose and how to keep them healthy.

The garden should be for everyone, so try making some of these changes to yours.

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