6 Reasons You Should Pick Your Own Strawberries

6 Reasons you should pick your own strawberries.

Let’s face it, Summer in Minnesota is filled with many things you need to do in order to survive winter here. Eating fresh picked MN grown strawberries is definitely in the top of that list! While you could just buy some at the local farmers market, picking your own is definitely worth the trip!

pick your own strawberries

1. They are delicious. Not just “good” strawberries, but seriously, each one is like the best strawberry you’ve ever eaten. Ever. I mean it. They melt in your mouth and are so sweet you might think they are a totally different fruit from the one you buy at the grocery store.

2. Teach your kids (or spouse) about where strawberries come from. Some people truly don’t understand that much of our diet actually comes from a farm. Take them to one that is kid friendly and put them to work! My kids picked about half of the 33+ pounds that we picked in just over an hour. And they ate a ton along the way. Don’t worry, the owner of the farm we went to specifically said to the kids that it was OK to sample along the way. I figure, when you buy 33+ pounds at a time, the amount that they ate was definitely justified.

3. Jam. I just made my first batch ever and it wasn’t too much work. I sampled the leftovers (aka licked the bowl) and I can’t wait to have toast in the morning! You don’t need many supplies to make your own and it will impress your friends, family and taste amazing.

IMG_3761web IMG_3737web

4. Pie. Nothing beats a fresh baked homemade strawberry pie! I am drooling just thinking of what mine will taste like! Since I already picked 33+ pounds of berries today and made a batch of jam, the pie is happening tomorrow. With homemade whipped cream, of course! Because, why scrimp when you can enjoy not one, but two amazing treats!

5. Support local. While Montsanto has a great plan with mass producing our food through genetic modification, most local farms actually have better food, cheaper and it’s WAY less modified.

6. Make memories. I absolutely loved spending the morning with my kids in the berry field! We laughed, ate berries, worked hard and enjoyed a beautiful MN day–which, again, is a great memory needed to get you through the winters here!
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Now that you know 6 reasons you should pick your own strawberries, do yourself a favor and get to a local pick-your-own-berries farm before the season is over!

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