Grilled Chipotle Pork Tenderloin with Fresh Cherry Salsa

Grilled Chipotle Pork Tenderloin with Fresh Cherry Salsa


We have had this tenderloin in one variation or another for dinner several times this summer.  It is so easy: marinate in a combination of lime, chipotle peppers and honey.  The pork is then grilled until cooked through and the marinade has caramelized, coating the tenderloin in a sweet and smoky layer.

Then comes Alton Brown’s weird but awesome trick for ultra-moist, super flavorful grilled tenderloin: wrapping the cooked pork with additional marinade for 10 minutes.  In those 10 minutes, so much more flavor and moisture seeps into the pork.  It really revitalizes it {we made the mistake of skipping this step one night and were so disappointed}.

I topped this pork tenderloin with a simple and easy fresh cherry salsa: cherries, a few tablespoons of chopped cilantro, and a squeeze of lime juice.  The cherries and the chipotle are an unexpected, but delicious pairing…I am totally obsessed with it!

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