Watermelon, Feta and Arugula Mason Jar Salads

Watermelon, Feta and Arugula Mason Jar Salads

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I see these funny food trends and I can’t help myself.  I have to find out: what’s the deal?!

Why do people go bananas for kale?  What’s the deal with dulce de leche?  And why oh why would someone put a salad in a jar?!

In all of these cases, I get it.  I really, really get it (especially with dulce de leche).  And now salad in a jar makes total absolute sense to me.

It’s all about the layering.  The dressing goes on the bottom, then your softer fruit/vegetables, and your delicate leafy things stay at the top, protected from the dressing.

Then, when you’re ready to serve, shake it all out into a bowl, and voila: leafy things on the bottom, salad goodies on top, and dressing everywhere!  Crazy salad lady really likes this one

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