Elegant Ideas For Classy Commercial Spaces On Grid Ceiling

fluorescent lamp on the modern ceiling.

Elegant Ideas For Classy Commercial Spaces On Grid Ceiling

In today’s world of 24X7 connectivity and online systems, offices as well as homes resemble high technology zones with arrays of gadgets and electronic equipment to ensure zero downtime and continuous network connectivity. But this also means an array of cabling and wiring which can be an eyesore in the contemporary aesthetics of the office or work space. Years ago, the concept of false ceiling was devised to cover all the overhead wiring with a seamless grid of structures to give a neat look as well as ensure insulation of rooms for effective air conditioning. This architectural initiative found wide application especially in commercial offices and business centers and now is a main feature in modern interiors.

Grid Ceiling
Benefits of Grid Ceilings

Basically, grid ceiling is a secondary structural framework which is suspended from the main ceiling for the following purposes:

  • Coverage: It effectively covers all the wiring, cabling, electrical fittings as well as air conditioning ductwork. The grid ceiling effectively conceals the water sprinkler system as well as any seepage or structural damage.
  • Aesthetics: Improves the look of interiors by providing an unbroken and unified finish for gorgeous designer expressions or simple minimalistic appearance.
  • Acoustics: One of the earliest known applications of false ceiling was to aid acoustics in a London theatre and this secondary framework can be effectively designed to enhance the sound system in halls and amphitheatres.
  • Proper sealing of interiors from external environment: Today, most working spaces are air conditioned, so to optimize cooling as well as improve the efficiency of HVACs, it is necessary to insulate the interiors properly. With this additional layer, not only is the room size made more compact, but also properly impermeable heat and light from outside.
  • Additional conduits for maintenance and servicing: The space between the actual ceiling and the artificially suspended one is used to house numerous ducts and cabling. The grid ceiling is basically a network of basic or designer tiles within a framework that can have conduits for troubleshooting or servicing the overhead wiring easily without having to disrupt the actual walls.

Give your old-fashioned interiors a makeover with contemporary designer grid ceilings 

Earlier, secondary ceilings were largely made of boring white tiles made of wood fitted within a framework of aluminium piping. The standardized looks of perforated ceilings were seen in almost all commercial centers, but now we all strive to be unique. With plethora of options available in construction material from typical wood to metal and even faux leather, the white color is complemented by a wide palette of attractive shades and textures which are embraced by gifted interior designers and architects to design exclusive distinct interiors to suit the aesthetics of the occupying residents.

Integration of contemporary designs in old fashioned interiors is super easy with grid ceilings that can be fitted or suspended depending on the type used on existing ceilings; this creates a fresh new look that is functional as well as cost effective. Made of durable, water resistant material, these false structures can be cleaned and even painted. The cost of replacing tiles in a secondary ceiling has been found to be much lesser than the amount involved in overhauling the original structure.

The stylish yet tough grid ceiling solutions not only enhance the looks of commercial spaces but functionally improve the efficiency and insulation of interiors making them ideal choices for quality work spaces. Still want you know more beneficial details on grid ceiling then let’s have a look here.

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