Key Lime & White Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Key Lime & White Chocolate Coconut Macaroons


This was my first time ever making macaroons!  Then my second, third and fourth times.  I just couldn’t get enough of these guys.  They are SO.  YUMMY.

I tried a few variations…a sweetened condensed milk based recipe, then an egg-white version.  I went for the egg-white version because: cheaper and healthier with no difference in taste.  OK?  So that means we get to eat even more of them.  You with me on this one?

Then I added some key lime zest.  I tried adding the juice as well, but my macaroons looked like melted ice cream scoops when they emerged from the oven.  So no lime juice.  The zest is enough for a nice old taste of key lime.  And we all know I love me some key lime.


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