Five Minute Smores Pudding

We have a ton of information on Smores at  Make sure to check out our smores page here. Pudding is a very popular dessert and is perfect during a hot summer evening. This recipe is for a five minute smores pudding when you just don’t want to deal with the heat from a fire but need to satisfy that smores craving.

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Five Minute Smores Pudding 


If you’re a lover of s’mores, than these Five Minute Smores Pudding are for you. Layer after layer of pure decadence and it is so easy to make! I am a lover of pudding. Perhaps a story will further quantify how much I love the creamy deliciousness of a good pudding. When I was pregnant with my first born, I went through a phase that started about half way through my pregnancy and lasted until she was born. During this phase, I would end every… get the RECIPE here >

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