DIY Bespoke Wooden Bedside Table

DIY Bespoke Wooden Bedside Table

Would you like to create something completely original for your bedroom? Do you have basic DIY skills and tools? Then you should consider building a bespoke wooden bedside table during your summer break. We’ve published a basic guide on this page that should help you to get started. Just remember that you are free to alter any of the ideas and add to them. We’re not going to delve too much into the design work. That is because you should handle all that yourself. Don’t spend time looking at pictures of other units because that could stump your creativity. You are 100% in control. You decide exactly how the finished piece should look.

Draw your design

First of all, you should sit down in your bedroom with a pen and paper. Take a look at the space to gain some ideas of what might work. That is the same advice as we always offer. You probably read it in our recent post on creating a farmhouse dining table. It makes sense for you to draw at least four or five different designs to ensure you come up with the best idea. Ensure you also use a tape measure to work out the optimum size. If you have all the measurements, you should find it easy to complete the next step.

Purchase all your materials

You’ll need to head down to your local DIY store. That is where you can purchase all the materials you’re going to use. We recommend using oak or pine for the best results. However, the decision is down to you. Oak and pine are very strong though, and so your unit should last a little longer. You will also need to pick up some small door brackets, screws, and handles. Again, we’re not going to influence you in any way. Just make sure you choose items that will fit in well with your current scheme.

Buy some extra tools

Unless you have a lot of power tools already, it is wise to pick some up from your local supplier. While you could make your table using saws and screwdrivers, that is going to make your life more difficult. You need the best cordless framing nailer your money can afford. That will help you to fix the back to your unit in a matter of minutes. It also makes sense to purchase a powered bench saw and drill. You could pay hundreds of dollars for those items. However, there are plenty of budget alternatives out there.

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Prepare your working space

When you are working with wood, it always makes sense to perform cutting work outside. That should stop your home from being coated in lots of dust. Some people might find it easier to work inside, and so you need to prepare your space. Get some dust sheets to cover anything important, and move any large items out of your way.

So long as you follow all those steps, you should be in the best position to make a start. Use the measurements you gathered to ensure the table is the right size for your room. Don’t forget to coat your piece with something that will keep it looking good. Varnish is often a top choice. However, there are many other products that might be suitable.

We can’t wait to see what you create. Feel free to send us some photographs!

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