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CptnDancardWild Horse Sanctuary Hot Springs, SD

During a recent visit to Hot Springs, South Dakota we were fortunate enought to have a chance to visit the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary a few miles out of town. The sanctuary is home to 600 mustangs that are free to roam over 11oo acres of land. All of the mustangs were born in the wild and consist of Rescues, Rare Breed Preservation, and Sanctuary-Born Descendants.


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Wild Scenery on the Sanctuary – Cheyenne River

If you are a horse lover this is a tour you must take. The landscape for miles around is much like it was hundreds of years ago so dress appropriately. Open toed shoes and cactus and horse doo doo don’t mix well. The tour we took was 2 hours long and included several stops where we had the opportunity to interact with the horses and take lots of pictures. Many of the horses were just as curious about us as we were about them and they came right up and started nibbling on out tripod at one point. Check out these extream close-ups we took with a wide angle lens. The horses came to us not the other way around.

The horses are real curious. This one tried to eat our tripod

The tour starts at the main office which is a gift shop as well. If you really want to have the full experience they have longer tours and cabins to rent on the sanctuary. There is a grill area out behind the office where you can grab a bite to eat while you wait for your tour or after you are done.

Office / Gift Shop
Gift Shop
Tour Bus and knowledgable guide



Check our the panaramas from the Black Hills Wild Horse Sancturary. You get a real feel for how open and remote this place is.

Captain Dan’s Tips: Do dress appropriately, you are not going to a water park. The road into the sanctuary is gravel but drivable for most vehicles. Get out of the tour bus and experience the horses up close. There is a gentle curiousity about them that you can’t experience from the bus or standing right by the bus. If you are so moved, make a donation. The sanctuary is funded only by donations and tour revenue. To make a donation click HERE.


Ready to visit? To book a tour call 605-745-5955, or email wildhorses@gwtc.net.

For information on the Hot Springs, SD area click HERE.

For more information on the Black Hills click HERE.

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