How to Host the Garden Party of the Century

How to Host the Garden Party of the Century

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Now that the sunny weather has arrived, it’s the perfect opportunity to host a garden party. Who needs an excuse to get their friends and family around? Cook some great food? And soak up the sun? Exactly! Hosting a garden party isn’t quite the same as organising any other party, however. If you’ve never done one before, you’re going to need some help. Here’s my guide on hosting the garden party of the century.

Spruce Up The Garden

Firstly, you’re going to want to make sure your garden is in tip-top shape. This does mean mowing the lawn, unfortunately. You’re also going to want to get rid of any weeds. And just generally make sure it’s looking good. You can do a little bit of landscaping or planting while you’re at it. Anything that ensures your garden is the talk of the town. If you don’t have green thumbs then there are plenty of gardening guides out there, to help you out.

Send Out Invites

You want your guests to realise you mean business with this party! This isn’t just a casual get together. This is going to be the party of the century. It’s always a good idea to send out invites, if you actually want people to turn up. You need to set a date to start with. This is the tricky bit. You’ll have no idea whether the sun will be shining on that particular day. You could hope for the best or you could provide your guests with two dates. Let them know that if it’s raining on the first date, you’ll be raring to go on the next.

Get Some Furniture

Where are you guests going to sit? What are they going to eat off? You’re going to need some outdoor garden furniture for your party. There are a few ways you can do this, depending on how many people are coming. You could ask everyone to bring a chair. Expect a hilarious mismatch of seating choices to make it through your door. You can also hire garden chairs and tables, if you want everything to look the same. Alternatively, make do with what you have already. As long as you are sure people won’t mind standing.

The Food

This is the most important part of any party. Not that I’m biassed. What kind of food will you be doing? If you’re going to be hosting a BBQ then it’s pretty straightforward. A lot of meat, some side dishes, and some buns. Simple! If you want to do something a little bit different then it’s going to take some forethought. Afternoon tea is a lovely idea, but means a lot of time in the kitchen baking. You could do a combination of picnic style foods and BBQ favourites. Let people know on the invite if you want them to bring something in particular. Everyone needs to try Auntie Mary’s couscous salad at least once in their life.

Now all you can do is hope for good weather and good company. Take some speakers outside, turn the music up, and enjoy the garden party of the century.


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